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Special Flash Videos and Slide Shows

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Jingle BellsBluegrass Allstars picking Jingle Bells

Deliverance - Dueling Banjos

The dueling banjos scene from the movie Deliverance.

TV Days Little Roy Lewis TV Days - Little Roy Lewis - Medley

Little Roy playing some theme songs from some old TV Shows.

Don Reno and his son Don Wayne play Dixie BreakdownDixie Breakdown

Don Reno and his son Don Wayne Reno
play Dixie Breakdown.

Earl playing ReubenEarl - Reuben
Earl gets up on the stage with Little Roy and plays Reuben.
Little Roy Lewis, Earl Scruggs, and young fiddling sensation, Lizzy Long, team up for 14 tracks on a new CD plus a bonus DVD with performance and interviews. Click Lewis, Scruggs, and Long - "Lifetimes" CD and DVD to see it.

Click for Slide Show Video Slide Show - Phil pickin' (1987) for some critters in the backyards of his homes in Alabama and Texas.


Wabash Cannonball Wabash Cannonball

Phil pickin' the banjo as the train passes by.

Flatt and Scruggs DVDs Got 6 minutes? Listen to Public Radio
interview Earl Scruggs and
DVDs of Old TV Shows

Ricky and EarlEarl Playing Ruby with a young Ricky Skaggs...from the
Flatt and Scruggs TV Show years ago.

Sonny OsborneSonny Osborne comments
on tuning a banjo.

Earl playing Foggy Mountain SpecialEarl playing Foggy Mountain Special with a young Ricky Skaggs
(Lester calls him "Scraggs")...from the Flatt and Scruggs TV Show years ago.

Click for Slide Show
Special Treat! :) Phil pickin' 1987
Slide Show (VIDEO) of some Alabama pickers and friends while Phil plays "Bending The Strings" on the banjo.

Bill and Phil at the Berry for Slide Show.
Special Treat again! :) Phil pickin' and singin' (the low deep voice) "Long Journey Home", sometimes called "2 Dollar Bill", in 1987.

Slide Show (VIDEO) of the BERRY PATCH, an annual invitation only, BLUEGRASS event in Montgomery, Alabama.

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