Here is a very nice movement that goes
from the 1 to the 4 ( in this case G to C )
It involves inside rolls and is hard to get used to
if you don't use inside rolls in your Bluegrass
playing. It's a good exercise even if you don't
employ it. I think after you get the hang of it
you'll love it, and use it a lot.

It's based on a G7 position, and is easiest to use your ring finger to hold the 4th string at the third fret. You'll see why once you try the lick. Also, it doesn't sound very good slow. after you get her up to a steady tempo I think you will be pleased.

Again let me know what you think of the lick and the tab itself.

G7 C |_________________|_________0______0_|________________| |_____0_____0_____|_0_________0______|_1______________| |___0_____1_____2_|_____3_______2-0__|___X_X_X_X_X_X_X_| |_3_____3_____3___|___3______________|________________| |_________________|_______0__________|________________|