To adjust your banjo head, remove the resonator, take your lug wrench, if you have one to fit, start at the neck heel and turn your tee wrench about 1/8 turn all way around. If you feel that it is still a bit loose, go around again until the head feels tight. If you have the banjo tuned to pitch, make an A note and kill the strings with the left hand and lightly thump the head in several places and try to determine if the tone of the head is close in pitch to the "A" note. If it is fairly close in pitch, you have it in the ball park. Give it a try.

Thanks to Curtis McPeake for this information.

Curtis has stated, "Some players like power and drive, while others prefer a more mellow sound. There are many ways to set up a banjo and no single method that works for everyone."

Contact Curtis if you'd like a "PRO" to set your banjo up for you.