Using Reynolds Hot Bags

Got something you need to try on the grill. My wife bought me some of those "Reynolds Hot Bags" made out of aluminum foil. I've put chicken, hamburger, pork chops, and steak in these bags, pouring enough Moore's marinade sauce inside so that the meat sits in the sauce, seal the bag and put it on the grill. Top shelf, cook on low. I let each meat cook about 15 minutes, flip it over and 15 minutes more (total 30) using a gas grill. I'll tell you, the meat falls apart!!!! I started throwing onions, garlic, pepper, etc. in the bag too! Watch and don't use too much marinade sauce, just enough to keep it good and wet - steamy. You won't cook a more tender hamburger!

Also, I cooked several baked potato in these bags. Grease the potato with butter ... pile it on ... get the grill super hot, turn down to low, place on the top shelf and turn at 30 minutes, cook another 30 = 1 hour. Those things were so soft! Still had that crusty baked potato outside, super soft inside. My wife pealed and cut up the potato, throwed them in the bag with butter, onions, garlic, and a small amount of water .... gettting hungry now! Cooked them just like the baked potato.

The grilled onion I told you about last year ... prepare and toss all the onions in one of these bags, cook the same and get the same results, even better - don't burn as easily. We cut the bags in half and use them as well. Thought you might enjoy trying this.

Thanks to Marty Livingston for these suggestions!