Alabama Redneck Grilled Onion (sounds like a good name to me - we actually don't have a name, we just cook it!)

You will need:

Medium size SWEET onion
Beef Bouillon Cube
Aluminum Foil

Peal the skin off the onion. Cut a cone shape hole (sphere) around the top and remove. Save the cut out for later.
Place a beef bouillon cube inside the onion. Replace the cut out portion (it may not fit perfectly so give it a good push!).
Wrap the onion in one layer of aluminum foil, twisting the foil together at the top.
Place on the upper rack of the grill (we use a gas grill) and cook aproximately 30 minutes.
As you approach the 30 minute mark you should check to see if the onion is soft to the core (you can poke a knife through it or unwrap the onion and check).
When the onion is soft to the center, allow it to cool, then open the foil and pig out!

Thanks to Marty Livingston for this recipe!