My dad saw Flatt and Scruggs several times in the sixties, and so he had a number of great Scruggs stories.

Once, he was at a show the band was doing at a local school, and was standing outside before things started. Scruggs and Josh Graves were standing out there too, and spotted a piece of playground equipment not far from the building--one of those little rocking horses on springs. Apparently seized by a burst of childlike playfulness, the two took turns gleefully rocking away on the little horse. A small child was standing nearby and, after the two had had their fun, got on himself and started rocking. No sooner had he begun than a teacher working after hours, disturbed by the noise the rusty contraption produced, came charging outside and soundly scolded the boy for making so much racket.

As she went back inside, Scruggs fixed the boy with his best deadpan look and said, "You got caught, didn't you?"

Thanks to Greg Earnest!