I was thinking about the thread concerning the stage performances of Lester and Earl using a single mic. First time I saw Flatt and Scruggs my parents took me when I was 5 or 6 to a show in Gassaway, West Virginia (56-57). Funny thing was that was at the drive-in theater, Flatt and Scruggs were playing on top of the snack bar....

We parked facing the snack bar, as everyone did, and instead of applauding the folks flashed their lights and honked their horn. The sound was coming in through the little funky speaker stuck in my dads jeep window.

I was not really a BG kinda guy yet, so while playing tag with my friends I remember thinking, "howd that they get that big thing (doghouse bass) up there?" seemed so big on top of the snack bar to a guy my size then. And yes, they were singing around one mic with a wire going into the window of the projection room.

As a side note, I met Lester years later backstage at Bean Blossom, probably 73-74, and mentioned the snack bar performance, and he chuckled and said, "You know son, in those days it was the only place in lots of towns through out the south that had room enough for us to play", (because of the crowd they could draw). Lester was very gracious and we talked for sometime. One of the most precious moments of my life.

Thanks to Mike Baughman for this trivia!