Ethnically Confused Chicken
(Indonesian, Ethiopian, Canadian Aboriginal crossover recipe)


A bunch of skinless chicken thighs (or other chicken pieces, but thighs seem to work the best. Boneless are good - I get mine at Costco/Price Club)
A good quantity of crushed garlic (I use about three tablespoons or more per dish, but that may be too much for your taste…)
A lot of black pepper - fresh ground is best - about the same amount as the garlic
Vinegar (white, chili, or flavoured vinegar of some kind)
Salt (to taste, maybe 1 tsp or tbsp…)
Bay leaves (4 or 5, up to 10)
Lemon grass (optional), fresh, dried, or powdered
Hot pepper powder - berbere, m'itm'ita, cayenne or ground chili (NOT "chili powder") to taste, probably not too much for your taste, maybe ½ tsp, 3 tbsp for mine)
A big frying pan, non-stick coated is the best, but if you don't mind scrubbing…


· Put the salt, garlic, and pepper in a big, deep frying pan
· Add a little vinegar and swish it around
· Add the bay leaves, hot pepper powder, lemon grass
· Lay out the chicken in a single layer in the pan
· Cover the chicken with vinegar
· Bring to a boil, and then simmer until all the vinegar is gone and the bottoms are crisp
· Turn the chicken over and brown the other side
· Serve, eat, and brush teeth

Great with rice
Great with salad
The pan scrapings - all the black stuff left on the bottom - is one of the most delicious treats on the planet
In the summer, after the vinegar is gone, excellent to finish on the bbq, but remember to save the pan scrapings
You can leave the skin on the chicken, but it makes the pan scrapings very greasy

Thanks to Loren Hicks for this recipe!