Camper's Cabbage

1 large can (or 2 small cans) of sour kraut (drained)

1 can of pinapple chunks (drained)

1 package of kilbassa sausage

(Caraway Seeds or Catsup: optional)

In a large skillet, sautee the sour kraut and pinapple together. Believe 

it or not, these balance each other out, kinda like sweet 'n sour. In 

another pan, brown the sausage, and get rid of as much fat as possible. 

Then throw the sausage in with the sour kraut and pinapple, and simmer  

'til they're married. Optional: simmer with some caraway seeds for that 

bohemian touch, or add some catsup to mellow it out further.

Thanks to Terri Asher